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Hong How Group, headquartered in Singapore, is a distinguished real estate developer and investor renowned for its prowess in the industry, cultivated over a rich history of over four decades. The company’s expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of property development types, including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and industrial developments. The group is particularly adept at identifying and undertaking transformative projects, particularly those that allow it to leverage its specialized knowledge and profound interest in shophouse conservation.

Numerous accolades bear testament to the Hong How Group’s consistent excellence in their field. Among these commendations are several coveted industry awards, acknowledging the company’s commitment to conservation, the superior quality of their construction, and their devotion to incorporating greenery into their projects. These achievements illuminate the company’s position at the forefront of their industry, setting benchmarks for quality and sustainable practices.

The Hong How Group’s unwavering dedication to maintaining their high standard of quality is reflected in their comprehensive, hands-on approach to all phases of the development process. This commitment extends beyond the completion of their projects. The company holds a significant portfolio of properties for long-term investment, for which they conduct meticulous management to ensure their ongoing upkeep and preemptive maintenance. This conscientious stewardship safeguards the enduring value and integrity of their investments.

Noteworthy examples of the Hong How Group’s impressive track record include an array of diverse developments. These span from the Lighthouse and Quartet on Ford to the commercial hub at 15 Little Road. Moreover, the group has demonstrated its preservation prowess with the URA Architectural Heritage (AHA) award-winning conservation shophouses at 36 & 38 Armenian Street. Their recent project at 292 Joo Chiat Road further underscores their commitment to transforming and preserving unique architectural heritage while delivering exceptional property value.


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